Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Practical Post...Medical Stuff and Whatnot

As the preparations carry on in full (well, medium) swing, I thought it might be a good idea to give an update on the practical side of things, even if only as a record / for reference.

Although we usually take the “it’ll be fine...” approach to illness and injury, we both agree that a decent first aid and medical kit is a must for a trip like this. Minor injuries can easily lead to problems if left untreated, and the stakes are a little higher if you are days away from decent medical care. With this in mind, off we pottered off to Boots yesterday to stock up.  It was a fairly amusing undertaking; as neither of us usually take anything stronger than paracetamol (even then rarely), we were fairly lost amongst the aisles and discovered there really are products for pretty much everything (pre-conceiving vitamin pills for him and her... seriously?).

Anyway, the final list for the first aid kit is as below. Hopefully we have struck a balance between having all the basics and not carrying around a full on hospital.


Adhesive wound dressings (pack of 5)

Cotton crepe bandage

Roll of gauze

Small stretch bandage

Stretch fabric strapping

Zinc oxide tape

Vinyl gloves

First aid scissors


Anti viral / bacterial hand foam

Antiseptic cream


Paracetamol and ibuprofen tablets

Cold and flu relief sachets

Diarrhoea relief tablets (for emergencies only!)

Laxative (as above)

Rehydration sachets (dioralyte type stuff)


Canesten cream (would just like to point out have never suffered from Thrush... but there is a first time for many things, and just imagine if it happened on the road... yeeesh)

Cystitis relief sachets

Antibiotics in case of UTI

Athlete’s foot spray

Optrex Eye wash

Multivitamin with iron (just in case we don’t eat that well for a few days at a time)

Sterile syringes

Malaria pills (Doxycycline) & bug spray containing 50% DEET

Hopefully we will not have to use most of this, but it should cover most common minor illnesses associated with travel as well as some emergencies.  It looks like a lot when all written down, but once unboxed it really doesn’t take up a lot of room. We need to purchase a new bottle of TCP though, as Oli managed to drop the bag on the way home and smash it. Everything we have bought now smells very strongly of the stuff but hey ho, at least it’s sterile! 

As well as the above, we have both made sure we are up to date with our vaccinations. This was pretty expensive (about £650 between us), but we felt it was well worth it. The jabs we have had are as below, and varied due to what we have both had before for previous trips, and some require several boosters:

Tick Bourne Encephalitis (Oli and Charli, paid for)

Japanese B Encephalitis (Oli and Charli, paid for)

Typhoid and Hep A (Oli, free on NHS)

Typhoid pills (Charli, NHS Prescription of 3 tablets)

Tetanus booster (Oli and Charli, free on NHS)

Hepatitis B booster (Oli, paid for)

Hopefully this list will be useful to anyone who ever plans to do something similar, or at the very least will help to reassure my Mother!

Next post will hopefully be a motorbike one from Oli.
Charli x

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